SP&L. Asset Management

With Managed Energy Services you have a partnership making sure your ROI is where it should be.

Protecting your ROI is not as easy as it seems...Securing your future starts from day one.  SP&L will deliver a strong grasps of what it takes to manage a single solar facility to a fleet of solar PV assets distributed across the state or country. 



Every Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) requires tracking of energy production, billing management, and customer service capabilities. SP&L has the in-house expertise and experience to handle these tasks including  incentive program compliance, performance monitoring, analysis, utility company problem resolutions, and more.

If your solar project received federal or state incentive dollars, SP&L will follow through with the requirements of submitting quarterly and annual progress reports to the government. Let SP&L manage these details and manage your solar fleet.



In order to monetize Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC’s), a PV system must first be registered with the state utility commission where the solar energy system resides.  A trading account will be set up and monthly tracking of SREC production must be recorded and submitted to the regional Environmental Information Services (EIS) organization.  SP&L is a household name among national energy brokers and market makers who will buy your SRECS.  SP&L has successfully garnered in-year and multi-year SREC contracts, executed spot market trades, understands the private auction market.  These details are easily handled by SP&L to allow you to maximize your ROI.



The solar advantages with SP&L are getting ahead of the regulatory curve, receiving a positive cash flow from reduced energy costs, and a reduction of peak demand charges.  Above all of these advantages, solar will reduce the carbon footprint.