SP&L. Commercial Solar


Free clean energy from the sun is the perfect way to power your business, campus or community.

Solar is a great way to beat high energy, and forever increasing, costs and rates.

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Simplifying the way solar gets done...

SP&L Commercial Solar offers Advanced Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) and development solutions for Solar PV.  Our solutions include project development, turnkey installations, project finance, and solar advisory.

Innovative Performance

SP&L brings innovation to delivering results on how you can save money on energy. The technology performs with a low-light energy  inverter.  Performance is how our factory automated racking and wire harness assembly is processed.  Using a robotic laser guided installation capability brings 1MW of energy production per week. SP&L has an integrated development partners approach.

Efficient Performance

SP&L will handle every piece of deploying solar from finance, development, installation,down to the operations of the solar system. SP&L builds engineered for low costs, short completion period, & minimal ongoing system maintenance. 

Enduring Performance

SP&L oversees pre-panelized PV modules framed and inspected in the warehouse prior to installation.  A Roofpack™ protection program is geared to protect and insure the continuity of the roof warranty.  A 25 year insurance backed warranty on performance components.

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