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Residential Solar

Free clean energy from the sun is the perfect way to power your home.

Solar is a great way to beat high energy, and forever increasing, costs and rates.

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"Solar Power and Light gave me a quote on the project and despite a couple of difficult challenges presented by my roof installation, they stayed within their quote. The system works perfectly and I am getting tremendous satisfaction from watching my net meter run backwards."
Eric - Yellow Springs, OH

Why Solar For Your Home

  • Reduce your homes carbon footprint
  • Payback for residential solar can be just a few years
  • While paying for the system you will still enjoy reduced energy costs
  • After your system is paid in full, enjoy years of reduced energy cost or no costs at all!
  • Energy rates are climbing 3-5% annually, nationwide

For some, visualizing the carbon footprint of their home can be difficult. If you have access to an energy bill you can use this free online tool to see just how large of an impact your homes electricity use really has.

Solar Installations

Given the versatility of solar, it can be installed in many different configurations to meet the needs of your home. Of the available installations these are the four most common within the residential solar industry:

residential solar for homes rooftop Residential solar for homes, canopy, pergola
residential solar for homes carport residential solar for homes ground mount

Solar Homes Retain Their Value

When considering any update to your home resale value is always a concern. Only in recent years, due to the popularity and growth of residential solar, has there been enough data to make a solid case for residential solar. In a study posted to the SunBandit Blog the return on investment for solar homes was 97%. Compare that to common updates such as remodeled high-end kitchens that have a return of only 74%. Click here to read the full report.

In a separate study, Berkeley Lab has found that home buyers consistently have been willing to pay more for homes with host-owned solar photovoltaic (PV) energy systems. Click hereto read the article in full.

Purchasing Options & Information

  • Purchase/Own
  • Lease
SP&L has the know-how to leverage special opportunities for financing energy-efficient upgrades to your home.
One such opportunity is the Ohio Treasuries Eco-Link program.
Click here to learn more about this program or to apply on the Ohio Treasuries website.