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Take Charge of Your future

With all the benefits of free clean energy from the sun. The perfect way to power your digital devices, electric car, provide lighting and more for the home, office and remote locations.

solar power signs signage for commercial business wayfind parkways and advertising Reduce energy costs with LED lighting

Solar Signs are Versatile…

Advertise for less with our solar signs! Powered by the sun, these signs are internally lit and DO NOT REQUIRE trenching or electrical wiring. 100% customizable, from top to bottom.
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SPL solar powered 8x6 sign signage

Camp Hill, PA Testimonial

"SP&L's Solar Power Signs have created new opportunities for my customers to advertise in remote locations..."

Reduce Energy Costs with LED Lighting…

Whether packaged with a solar array installation or installed separately, your office building, manufacturing plant or school can take advantage of energy savings by switching to LED lighting.
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