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Solar Canopies & Pergolas

Residential Solar

Free clean energy from the sun is the perfect way to power your home or business.

Solar is a great way to beat high energy, and forever increasing, costs and rates.

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Solar canopies and pergolas are a great way to install solar at your home or business. These systems are an excellent choice for those that do not want to install solar on their rooftop and/or do not have the space available for a ground mount system.

If you are considering a canopy or pergola system for your home; visit our residential page for more information on residential solar, the solar market, and resale values.

Canopy and Pergola Added Benefits

These structures bring more value than just solar power. Solar canopies and pergolas create a shaded, sheltered place for you, your family, and colleagues to gather. These structures are ideal for places in need of shade or in common areas such as campus common green space or an outdoor break area for employees.

How/Where to Use a Solar Canopy

No matter your needs; on-grid, off-grid or bi-modal, a canopy or pergola solution can be designed specifically for your needs.


The standard canopy/pergola comes with all necessary components to feed power generated by your system back into the grid. Feeding power back into the grid will help offset your power costs.


The optional off-grid package is an all-in-one package designed to run your system disconnected from the grid. This option is ideal for placing your canopy or pergola in a location that would normally require trenching of power lines. Remote location ready, this is your option for easy standalone power. 


This option features both on-grid and off-grid capabilities. This system will feed power back into the grid, offsetting your power costs, and will also serve as backup power when the grid goes down.