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Solar EV Charging Systems

Charge your Electric Vehicle with the sun! Electric Vehicle's (EV's) are a great way to reduce fuel usage and costs. Did you know how you charge your EV is just as important?

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Why Solar For Your EV

If you are currently charging your EV by plugging into your home or business's power from the grid you are utilizing power from large power plants that use resources such as coal to create electricity. Charging your EV with coal power defeats the purpose of driving an EV and increases your carbon footprint.

  • Reduce your vehicles carbon footprint
  • Energy rates are climbing 3-5% annually, nationwide

Charge your EV with renewable energy and make your effort count!

In addition to providing clean, renewable energy to charge your EV; a solar carport:

  • Provides shade for your vehicle; protecting it from weather elements such as the sun, rain and hail.
  • Makes a marketing and/or PR statement by boosting your sustainability message.
  • Can offer a platform to install solar if your roof is not large enough or space is limited.