SP&L. Solar for Home&Office

Take Charge of Your future

With all the benefits of free clean energy from the sun. The perfect way to power your digital devices, electric car, provide lighting and more for the home, office and remote locations.

residential solar solar power canopy pergola for commercial or residential homes
solar power carport for commercial or residential homes

Invest in your home with Solar…

Reduce your homes carbon footprint and save with Solar! Solar for homes not only reduces energy bills to save money but has been proven to increase, and maintain, the value of the home.
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Solar Canopies/Pergolas are Stylish and Elegant…

These outdoor canopies or pergolas are a great solution for many needs. Equipped with solar panels on the top surface, these canopies can be placed practically anywhere and offer the luxury of AC electrical power.
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Solar Carports can Keep You Going…

Electric vehicles are the wave of the future and how you recharge your EV is just as important. Plugging into any ordinary AC power source increases your carbon footprint as the electricity still comes from large power plants. These solar carports are a smart, simple answer.
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