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Commercial Solar-Powered Signs

NO Grid Power, NO Electrical Permits, NO Trenching Needed
Battery Powered, Auto Timer, LED Illuminated

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Embrace Sustainability

A sound sustainability plan can be a key differentiator for your business or organization. Solar Powered Signs are beneficial for displaying your company brand, use for co-advertising, or to simply highlight special events on the outside perimeter of your building or office. This can be done utility free.

  • Solar signs are excellent for co-advertising
  • Signs stating Enter, Exit, Shipping, Visitors, and More
  • Ability to change the insert panel for advertising at low cost
  • Solar signs can be moved to other locations easily
  • Illuminate your brand 24/7 – works in a power outage or no access to the grid

Solar Signage is Versatile…

Solar-Powered signs go where grid-connected signs cannot and install with much less effort. They are a practical solution in most any application as a means to eliminate utility costs and expensive grid-tie installations while promoting better, cleaner, living.

  • Small business, commercial and general construction
  • Schools, campuses, business parks and universities
  • Parks, trails, walking paths and remote outdoor recreation areas
  • Municipal, city and village buildings and landmarks
  • Traveling and relocating attractions such as festivals and fairs


Our Innovation Story

SP&LTM Remote Energy Technology and LED lighting technology is at the heart of our solar powered signs. SP&L has harnessed its know-how in solar design and integration to create a low cost energy efficient solar appliance that requires NO electrical permit to install and can be fully operational in one day. Our innovation is meant to save you money.

SP&LTM Remote Energy Technology


  • Solar signs are utility free – no grid connection required
  • No electrical permits and No electrician needed for installation
  • No trenching and Safe to install

Four easy ways to install:
Two-Pole, Monument Style, Single Pole/Pylon, Wall Mounted configurations

solar powered power sign signage mounting solutions