SP&L O&M Label - Solar Power Maintenance

Solar Power & Light has packaged the most compelling program in the region called SunCareSM. The SunCareSM O&M team will assure maximum uptime of your solar assets.

An effective O&M program has a lot of moving parts...

A 25 year warranty for solar panels is a long time. SunCare™ delivers more than just the ability to do preventative maintenance and conduct a service call.

Together, we are building value and securing your investment in solar.

The SunCare offering capabilities span performance analysis and monitoring to customer service and repair service. Energy production is monitored daily by SunCare™ team to remotely supervise real time energy output of your solar PV system to assure maximum uptime. Further, we benchmark system performance against solar facilities around the region and can quickly determine if your system is performing above or below expectation, thus maximizing your return on investment and total energy cost savings. SunCare™ is always proactive in problem solving and securing your investment. SunCare™ is everything that you would expect in a service program providing preventative maintenance and repair capability.