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SP&L Commercial Solar provides a broad spectrum of activities under the Solar Power and Light umbrella including Solar Development, Project Finance, Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) Services as well as Asset Management.

SP&L. Commercial Solar 
Your Trusted Solar Development Partner...
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Over $2M Committed to Development


Development, Project Finance, EPC, OM Services, PPA Management Company, SREC




Innovation Story


SPL Money

SP&L. Advanced EPC

Driving Innovation to the Solar Marketplace

The Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) process is the means by which a solar PV system is built and commissioned. Numerous technical phases and over 30 documents are required to be handled and processed from start to finish. For over a decade, SP&L’s management team has been managing multimillion dollar technology based projects.. EPC occurs in numerous phases spanning the following broad areas...

  • System Design and Engineering

  • Structural Analysis and Site Assessment

  • PE and NABCEP Certification and Oversight

  • Material Selection and Acquisition

  • System Build-out

  • AHJ Approvals and Certification (Zoning, Permitting, Utilities)

  • Regulatory and Incentive processing

  • Commissioning

SP&L's Innovation Story

One of the fundamental strengths of the SP&L innovation story is the diversity of our people and relationship with our innovation partners. Everything we do is designed to delight our customers so they can take charge of their future by cutting costs, reducing risk, and meeting sustainability goals within their electric energy spend.

IDT Innovations

SP&L has spent years vetting and rationalizing its technology and material selection choices to ensure our ability to execute on a well thought out EPC/IDT strategy. Ultimately, it is in the investor/owner’s best interest to choose components that will ensure a fully functioning solar system for the life of the PPA contract.
Innovation areas: 1000 Volt Tier 1 Panels, Distributed Inverter Architecture, Automated wire harness manufacturing, Factory Pre-Panelization, Design/EPC Efficiency


IDT Partners

Our IDT partners have been hand-picked with a particular focus on Ohio based companies and then a few that allow us to scale on a national basis. The common theme across all our partners is innovation and efficiency. SP&L/TMI has enjoyed a long term relationship and accountability from its IDT partners.

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