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Our Innovation Story

One of the fundamental strengths of the SP&L is that we have an innovation strategy and that its underpinnings are rooted in the diversity of our people and relationship with our partners. Everything we do is designed to help our customers TAKE CHARGE of their future by cutting costs, hedging risk, and meeting sustainability goals within the area of electric energy spend. We enable this opportunity by deploying EFFICIENT solutions, leveraging INNOVATIVE technologies and ultimately creating ENDURING value.


SP&L has spent years vetting and rationalizing its technology and material selection choices to ensure our ability to execute on a well thought out Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) strategy. Ultimately, it is in the investor/owner’s best interest to choose components that will ensure a fully functioning solar system for the life of the PPA contract.

INNOVATIVE technologies

Distributed Inverter Architecture - This classic power generation design enables low light energy harvesting resulting in more AC energy output throughout the course of the day. The distributed architecture also permits the system to be aggregated at medium-level voltages for utility scale installations such that interconnection costs are minimized.

Automated wire harness manufacturing - This development approach has been around for decades in the automotive and electronics industries, SP&L has adopted similar technology and manufacturing techniques for the miles of wire harness used in a solar PV build.

Factory Pre-Panelization - Time saving processes such as pre-panelizing the PV modules in the factory assures that we build-in quality prior to the construction process.

1000 Volt Tier 1 Panels - Consider that 1000 VDC PV Design is just being discussed in the US trade press; however, SP&L has deployed and proven such technology for over 2 years resulting in reduced BoS component installed costs, greater efficiency and increased energy production.

EFFICIENT solutions

Overall, SP&L’s innovation goal is to minimize time in the field and allow efficiencies of construction to drive down install cost and ultimately a lower LCOE, resulting in increased energy cost savings for our investors and host sites alike.


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